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The Dead are coming for you, it is time to find a ride and drive for your life. With the relentless zombie hordes hot on your heels and hungry for flesh, can you fend them off whilst keeping your eyes on the road?
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Dead Ahead Mod Apk: Zombie Warfare – pixel-style strategic zombie activity. Your undertaking assumes responsibility for the development of transport in which the survivors in the zombie end times are moving. It would help if you made a long and troublesome excursion during which you will continually run over ambushes of zombies; you additionally need not exclusively save the survivors yet eradicate however many strolling dead as would be prudent.

For this situation, you will have the chance to utilize both hostile and guarded strategies, not further developing vehicles. Likewise, for more prominent productivity, units can be equipped and extended. As of now referenced, the game is outwardly executed in pixel style while simultaneously having gotten incredible specifying of articles and areas.

GamePlay of Dead Ahead Game

Dead Ahead has incredibly basic interactivity. The game is isolated into two groups: the human group (you are the delegate) has the errand of ensuring and building up the transport, which is likewise his concealing spot. The zombie group holds the barricade to forestall the transport back from passing. On the off chance that you hold it as far as possible and kill every one of the zombies, the transport will serenely cross the obstruction to continuing to the following scene.

You will have the accompanying significant details in the game: Courage (energy) to build fighters and Rage (sorcery) to utilize abilities or backing things to assault. As it may, as I would like to think, Courage is more significant because regardless of how exceptional you are, the chance of triumph is fragile if the quantity of warriors is little contrasted with zombies.

Through the rounds, the amount and nature of the two sides expanded altogether. You are more grounded; the zombies are more grounded, presently not idiotic and pointless; they can dash, bounce well, and battle like anybody. They might have insusceptibility to blades and fire or explosives… The game’s AI will consistently guarantee the equilibrium of powers for each fight to happen difficultly.

Instructions to Play

Presently back to our side. The main principle is having however many troopers as could be expected under the circumstances. Once there, the following definitive factor is to join the kinds of troopers in the game. The more capable the troopers are, the higher the likelihood of winning. You will have three gatherings of troopers, and in each kind, there are various positions:

Scuffle warriors: incorporates moronic and significant level fighters with tactical armor carriers and a great deal of blood.

Short-range heavy armament specialist: incorporates numerous levels relying upon the weapon conveyed: short firearm, submachine weapon, single explosive, bunch projectile.

Long-range heavy weapons specialist: these folks can shoot zombies in a good way, yet the capacity to assault close is frail. I’m pretty worn out on these followers; it consumes most of the day to make one; however, the impact isn’t significant.

Ordinary officers are made rapidly, and the further developed warriors, the more it takes to amass, and it takes more gold coins to possess. As a general rule, it’s dependent upon you; every individual will have their battling style and assault system. Furthermore, that is likewise the factor that makes the exciting allure of this game.

Dead Ahead Mod Apk Features


  • Oppose and challenge the evil undead in this new strategic endurance continuation of Dead Ahead!
  • Battle for the opportunity and become a daring slayer of the undead in one of the most delicate endurance
  • rounds of the year! Kill a large number of attacks of zombies, gather supplies, search for survivors, and
  • above all… make your inheritance!


  • Guard your transport and suffer adversaries more terrifying than any villain or devil! Leap forward
  • blockades while you butcher the wrong bodies. Accumulate your group of combatants and send
  • them individually into the fight! Utilize any means essential to avert the swarm of pixel-frenzied
  • tissue eaters! Cut, shoot or consume the dead with barrels, Molotov mixed drinks, and explosives. Be
  • immediate and unstable, or secrecy kill your adversaries.

Think carefully; DON’T LOSE THEM.

  • Show that you have genuine steel to conquer the guides! Be imaginative and consolidate various sorts
  • of units to win! Utilize strategically hostile and protective moves to kill every one of the zombies and the
  • blockades! Be imaginative and attack them for the most unnecessary slaughter. Keep in mind – the rising.
  • Dead will not make it simple for you.


  • Gather things, procure insight, and complete missions to redesign your units and vehicles. The
  • more stuff you get, the more zombies you will want to take on! Become a definitive slayer
  • of the undead! Oust the banshees to endless damnation! Differentiation your high score with other



  • Blood-and-guts activity procedure game with an awareness of what’s funny
  • No stowing away in the shade! The undead WILL come for you!
  • Resist against the surge of zombies and protect your transport no matter what!
  • A tremendous world with various areas
  • Plenty of survivor units and zombies
  • Upgrades, extraordinary things, and discretionary missions


This is a zombie-themed pixel tower guard game, which is very fun and straightforward to play. Those of you who have not played should play this game. Download Dead Ahead here.

Dead Ahead Mod Apk: Zombie Warfare is a long fight with a wide range of kinds of evil presences. The game additionally has formal occasions for everybody. Drive the transport to numerous spots on the guide, the outcomes are assessed exhaustively with a most extreme score of 3 stars. Download Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare mod to begin a ride with your solid armed force to defeat the terrains constrained by Satan.



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