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Giant reptiles invaded their lands and drove the crabs underground. Centuries later, infused with the power of crystals, they are ready to exact their revenge! Raise the swarm and resurface with a vengeance.
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Crab War Mod Apk Download Latest Version

Crab War Mod Apk is an incredibly fascinating clicker game by Malaysian distributor AppXplore. Here, you will lead many incredible crabs to obliterate monster reptiles that are attacking the area. Adversaries are continually getting more grounded, so overhaul crabs and utilize the force of fortitude to bring down trespassers.

Goliath reptiles attacked their properties and drove the crabs underground. Hundreds of years after the fact, mixed with the force of precious stones, they are prepared to get their vengeance! Raise the swarm and reemerge intensely. Develop your multitude of crabs, advance them and drive the flaky monsters out of your country!

The story of Crab War

Many years prior, in a space that was initially the place where there are crab species. Be that as it may, unexpectedly seemed goliath reptiles to attack and assume control over the crab an area. The tiny crabs are compelled to under the ground to endure. After hundreds of years, attracting energy from precious quartz stones to the ground, crabs are prepared to get back to vindicate their race and recapture an area. A strained and annoying war has broken out!

GamePlay of Crab War

Crab War Mod Apk has an appealing battling style between many crabs swarmed with goliath ocean beasts. The controls are fundamental; you simply need to contact any place on the screen to bring the crab units to assault the foe. Since the adversary is a monster reptile, you should assault until the HP of the enemy drops to 0.

Overcoming adversaries gives you coins. They are utilized to advance crabs to build strength and assault capacity. Numerous excellent adversaries are continually showing up, and they are getting more grounded. So the player should constantly redesign the solidarity to have the option to manage the foe. That is the reason the fights in Crab War are frightening and highly persevering.

Crab War Mod Apk Features

Inactive Swarm Evolution

For quite a while back, crabs were creatures that involved the ground, and they lived there calmly for ages. However, at some point, another animal came and assaulted the crab to take this land. They eat crab meat and cause the crabs to go underground to discover new life. However, over the long haul, the crab coincidentally retained the radioactive force from the precious stone of magical energy. This gem gives crabs new powers to battle those reptiles and recovers what used to be theirs.

The interactivity is basic yet simple to make habit-forming.

In contrast to different games, players need to control their characters to battle; players need to tap the screen in this game. A player should simply tap on the screen to call the crabs to assault the foe; the quicker you tap, the more crabs will seem to assault and rapidly bring down the adversary. The player’s adversary will show up perpetually, and the player should tap ceaselessly to assault the foe, and the game will possibly end when the player leaves the game.

Catalyst and open new crabs

Later, the reptiles will have more force and be more straightforward to eat the crab warriors that the player calls out. So players need to update the power of the crab so they can annihilate the foe. Likewise, when the player arrives at a specific level will be opened new crabs, and they will have a lot higher force.

Game Highlights

  • Evolve more than 80 perfectly planned crabs
  • Spawn 33 exceptional sovereigns to lead your swarm
  • Unleash six incredible capacities and alter them with up to 18 unique abilities
  • Hunt more than 50 remarkably hazardous reptiles
  • Ecdysis and be renewed with notable changes
  • Slay the Wildebeast and guarantee unbelievable rewards
  • Compete with others in testing competitions
  • Modify your qualities and alter your crabs in the quality tree
  • Call upon the assistance of excellent partners, for example, the executioner crab and brilliant beam


With brilliant 3D illustrations and great and changed personal plans, Crab War Mod APK gives you the incredibly alluring skirmishes of the crab army. Will crabs recapture their country following many long stretches of being attacked by monster ocean reptiles? All are hanging tight for you to discover the appropriate response.



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