Cooking Diary Mod APK Latest Version 2021 [Unlimited Money & Gems]


Download the latest version of Cooking Diary Mod Apk and become the chef of your own restaurant in a fun time-management game! Cooking Diary Mod Apk is the cooking game loved and supported by players around the world! Caution: this game can cause real culinary fever!
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Recreation games consistently give players new and remarkable components while encountering. That comes from the invigorating interactivity that comes from explicit exercises and is near reality. Simultaneously, players will partake in their existence and experience it all alone. On the off chance that you have played through this game classification and need to search for another game, you can’t miss Cooking Diary Mod Apk: Best Tasty Restaurant and Cafe Game. It is a game to help you flaunt your administration abilities.

Become the gourmet specialist of your café is a great time usage game! Cooking Diary is the cooking game adored and upheld by players throughout the planet! Alert: this game can cause genuine culinary fever!

About Cooking Diary Mod Apk Game

Welcome to Tasty Hills: A city where everybody loves to cook! It’s your chance to keep a cooking diary. Help your grandpa save his family café network and reestablish his great name! Try not to allow your rivals a solitary opportunity to concoct detestable plans while you discover genuine companions, oversee eateries and restaurants, and cook top-quality dishes! Join exciting occasions in the dynamic existence of the city and gain distinction as an incredible culinary specialist!

Storyline of Cooking Diary 

In Cooking Diary Mod Apk, you are somebody who has reliable energy for cooking. The ages of your precursors made a renowned café called Tasty Hills. At some point, your granddad visits and requests you to be the administrator from this culinary realm. Moreover fact that it improves your cooking, your café likewise needs to figure out how to battle the tricks of your rivals.

With the assurance to reestablish the progenitors’ domain and consume adoration for cooking, you will assemble a café that serves the best food. To do that, your eatery should fulfill the most requesting clients, including culinary pundits and famous papers.

cooking diary mod apk latest
cooking diary mod apk latest

Features of Cooking Diary

  • COOK many heavenly plans from around the world!
  • OPEN many eateries and restaurants in every one of the locales of Tasty Hills and embellish them as you would prefer!
  • AMAZE the entire world by taking a stab at super upscale looks!
  • MAKE FRIENDS with charming and stunning pets!
  • WIN in different culinary contests with bunches of prizes!
  • INTERACT with the inhabitants of the city and inundate yourself in a thrilling story!

Cooking Diary Mod Apk Features


Cooking Diary presents to you a level with expanding trouble, yet generally speaking, you will, in any case, make some incredible memories to investigate. At the same time, kindly don’t disregard the refreshed components as they will bring you new dishes and stories. Additionally, recent highlights will show up in your eatery and give it a unique look and solid impression it’s similar to fishing clash mod apk.

All the while, conveying food to clients will likewise turn out to be more sensible on the off chance that you utilize the game’s recently redesigned help. Along these lines, all that the game offers consistently assists you with raking in boatloads of cash total the competition and fulfill clients. As you amass cash up to a specific sum, you will want to overhaul the kitchen region machines to make planning and cooking fixings simpler.

When you bring in cash, you need to utilize it accurately, as you should deal with different things to make your interactivity more prosperous and more open. When you play to a specific stage, you will figure out how to redesign the café’s inside. You will do this as you like, yet remember to focus on the more fundamental components in this game.

Alter your person

Even though you are a culinary specialist and a chief, be that as it may, dislike you will wear a cook’s outfit for eternity. Cooking Diary for players can change furnishes just as embellishments. You can pick the garments, cap or shoes you need. Wear costly glasses to flaunt an alternate style sense. When the level has arrived at a specific cutoff, interest in the picture is fundamental. Become the insightful culinary specialist in Cooking Diary and be sure about each level the engineer has made as such on Food Street Mod Apk.

Eatery plan

If you notice, you will wind up expecting to supplant some old items. They change the tone and are generally covered with a somewhat thick layer of residue. Take a stab at placing the client in the shoes of the café, and seeing that scene, you will realize what to do. Change the entire setting of the eatery to a different style. Floors, compositions, shades, TV or furniture, … There are numerous choices for making a café with a great plan. Outer magnificence is additionally a wise method to intrigue clients. Joined with flavorful food, it might involve time before you get the most extreme score for quality.

cooking diary mod apk download
cooking diary mod apk download

Become a decent gourmet specialist

Further, develop your cooking abilities. Enhance the menu to add more dishes and beverages. The requirements of clients are consistently in a prosperous state. Nonetheless, don’t go excessively far with the amount and disregard guaranteeing the nature of the help you are giving. Cooking Diary challenges players with a wide range of levels. You will begin with fundamental to complex dishes with egg inc mod apk. Persuade clients regarding your story and keep them glad after each supper. Figure the time cautiously with the goal that visitors don’t leave. Then again, you may likewise think about joining Master Chef to construct your ubiquity.

Common FAQs About Cooking Diary Mod APK

What is cooking diary mod apk?

It will help you to know how much your food cost, the profit of the food, whether it is expensive or cheap and so on.

What are the requirements of Cooking Diary Mod APK?

First of all, Cooking Diary requires an internet connection because most if not all information are cached online so there won’t be any access delay when browsing…no second delay at least! And second, it requires a bit RAM for caching files so might as well download this with available storage space to spare since according to my experience you can use it without compromising other apps performance even if you have only 1GB ram free. minimum requirement I think is about 512mb but 1gb is recommended.

Can I get Unlimited Gems?

You can have unlimited gems by using Cooking Diary Mod Apk. Just follow the instruction below to get it! 🙂

What are the available languages of Cooking Diary Mod APK?

Cooking Diary is currently available in English language only but fret not because there’s no much difference when playing the game in english or other languages that are not supported yet by this pixel art clicker game lol. 😀

Why should I download this cooking diary mod apk? It will make my device slow right?

This cooking diary mod apk uses ram memory instead of heavy resources so it will not affect your device performance. Try it yourself now!

Can I use my cooking diary account with the mod apk?

No, you can’t because this is made for different purpose but you can still have fun leveling up your skills to raise the stars level.

 Is Cooking Diary available in iphone or android mobile?

 Yes, Cooking Diary is playable on Android & iOS devices! I played it on my iPhone before and it was really awesome 😀  I just downloaded Cooking Diary Mod Apk on my iphone now and I’m about to play again…hope i could make more friends lol…or if you want to download cooking diary mod apk for android, click on the download button.


Play with your companions to cook and have some good times together! Cooking Diary is a game that joins admirers of flavorful and lovely food from everywhere in the world! An adoration for cooking is an incredible beginning stage for an enduring kinship. Cooking Diary Mod Apk presents to you a bright world that any player needs to encounter. After some time, the game likewise carries new components for you to utilize and work with serving in the café. The objective of any significant part in this game is to partake in this game and prevail in it.



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